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May 24, 2017


Mindful Eating...

Mindful Eating

Focusing on mindfulness is an important component of any yoga practice and it can also be helpful when it comes to fueling our bodies with nutritious foods. This practice is often called "mindful eating" and is defined as a way to learn to hear what our bodies are telling us about hunger and satiety.
Throughout a busy work week, it is easy to forget that we as humans should eat when we are hungry and stop when we are full or satiated. The clock strikes noon and it's lunch time! Are we hungry at this time? Does our body need more energy right now? The answer can very well be "yes" but if it's not, let's begin to consider some of the principles of mindful eating.

The Center for Mindful Eating describes the principles of mindful eating as follows:
  • "Allowing yourself to become aware of the positive and nurturing opportunities that are available through food selection and preparation by respecting your own inner wisdom. 
  • Using all your senses in choosing to eat food that is both satisfying to you and nourishing to your body.   
  • Acknowledging responses to food (likes, dislikes or neutral) without judgment.
  • Becoming aware of physical hunger and satiety cues to guide your decisions to begin and end eating."
Begin following these principles and we can start to understand our bodies better and foster a healthy relationship with food. A great first step is by eating diet majorly focused on whole, nutritious foods like lean proteins, whole grains and fruits and vegetables; it's easier for our body to recognize hunger and satiety when our bodies and being nourished with foods that have not been ultra processed. 
Keeping a food log or journal is a great way to start becoming more aware and mindful of your daily food choices. Try it out and see what you learn about your own eating habits!
May 16, 2017


Take Your Practice Outside

​Take Your Practice Outside...
The birds are chirping and the sun is shining! What better way to celebrate the transition from Spring into Summer than with outdoor yoga! Although often practiced in a studio, there are numerous benefits associated with moving your yoga practice outdoors, surrounded by nature.
Practicing yoga outside is a way to shine light on our place in the vast universe that surrounds us and allows us to to better align with nature. By practicing on grass, near trees or by a natural body of water, we can learn to place ourselves within a much larger picture. The outdoors allows us to stay grounded, get in touch with ourselves as well as Pachamama- the goddess of earth and time.
Being outside also exposes us to nature's unpredictable ways- changes in temperature, rain, bugs or other disturbances; this exposure can help us learn to be flexible and understanding when situations are not fully within our control. Additionally, outdoor yoga can also help us to improve our stability as few things in nature are stable; working through this instability can make us more adaptable and stronger.
And don't forget those beautiful rays of sunshine! Practicing outside in sunlight can also give a nice boost of Vitamin D that helps maintain bone health, supports immune function, regulates hormone levels and has been linked to preventing a number of chronic diseases.
Take your yoga practice outside and become one with nature!
May 10, 2017



Mamaste: the art of doing yoga with your mama!

Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 14th and we couldn't be more excited to honor our mothers on this special day! 

Although, yoga often seen as an independent practice, we find that the experience can be enhanced by sharing your practice with a friend, family member or loved one- especially your mom! Although the benefits of "me time" are plentiful, partner yoga has been known to allow yogis to build trust with their partner and dive deeper into poses with the help of both physical support and emotional encouragement.  

On another note, if you are new mother, practicing yoga with your baby or child could be an extremely nurturing or bonding experience. Yoga can be a great way for new Moms to strengthened their bodies and calm their minds; the joint practice can also help both children and adults reduce stress. 

To celebrate Mother's Day, we encourage you to share a yoga experience with your mother, daughter or any important woman in your life. 

Also yoga pants make a great mother's day gift for your active mama! Check out our pink Orchid Capri or Orchid Lola leggings for the perfect pink present to show how thankful you are for all she does.

Enjoy some Mamste this year and of course, Namaste! 

May 01, 2017


The Tree Of Life....

The Tree of Life was a tree in Garden of Eden whose fruit was thought to impart eternal life. In essence the tree of life is a symbol of eternity of forever. As spring approaches and the trees and flowers around us begin to bloom, it can be meaningful for us to step back and take note of the cyclic patterns of mother earth and our sacred existence within something much bigger than our humanity. 


We are here on Earth for a finite amount of time. What kind of impact would we like to have? What kind of footprint do we want to leave? What type of world would like to see for our children and our children's children? 


Our Tree of Life Leggings allow us to become one with the Tree of Life, to let the roots of the tree represent our grounding to Mother Earth and the spiraling, twirling branches represent our future and what we hope to achieve in our lifetime. These leggings are silver textured which brings out each intricate detail of the tree- from root to leaf.

Become one with nature, in these yoga pants. If you are practicing yoga, try Vrikshasana or Tree Pose in these leggings! 


It's all about color...

Spring has sprung and it's all about COLOR. The days of black and grey and more back are in the past and we are ready for a pop of vibrant red, splash of yellow, twirl of green, patterns galore, some colorblocking and of course a dash of sparkle on our workout gear!

Our Cali Capri leggings say it all- a bright combination of turquoise, purple, and pink with flickers of yellow pop break up the horizontal lines and ensure all eyes stay on you during your workout routine or stroll through the neighborhood.  


Our the Mint Bird Legging have been updated for spring with bright layered hues of glowing green, bright yellow, and soft blue. The Sky Bird Legging is also updated for spring with bright layered hues of sky blue, orchid pink, and lovely lavender. Both of these pairs are truly a showstoppers and will allow you to let your inner unicorn sparkle! Have you tried the new unicorn frappuccino yet? If not, we suggest running, biking or lunging to the nearest Starbucks wearing these leggings and you will be ready to go with the most perfect instagram picture!


Color is the new black. Color speaks louder than words. We never met a color we didn't like. Be a fruitloop in a world of cheerios. I think you get the point...

April 18, 2017


Find your zen.

Zen is a Japanese term that explores the values of meditation and intuition to achieve and enlightenment in which there is no consciousness of self. In today’s fitness frenzied society, the word Zen pops up pretty frequently with exercise classes titled Zen Combat (Equinox), Zenergy (ZenRide Cycling) and blogs titled Zen Barbell and Zen to Fitness.


So how do we take such a deeply spiritual and seemingly complex concept and translate it into something we can experience as part of our daily or weekly workout routine?


In the fitness industry, Zen has come to represent an overarching theme of peace, tranquility, calm and relaxation; these concepts are the perfect compliments to some of the more aggressive and high intensity fitness terms like power, cardio, strength, warrior and boot camp. The balance of these two opposites are important because together they allow us to explore the physical exertion of exercise and the mental exertion of meditation or calmness.   


Noli Yoga’s Zen Legging is inspired by the calmness of water garden creeks and features cascading water lilies that are brightened by the aquatic, muted grey background. Designed with versatility in mind, these leggings work great for yoga, pilates, barre, spin and anything else that gets your heart pumping. These mid-rise, ankle-length Zen leggings will make you want to throw up a peace sign to every passerby.


April 20, 2016


What does yoga mean to you?

According to Yoga Journal, the word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj, meaning to yoke or bind. It is often interpreted as union. In a yoga practice, practitioners follow a discipline that helps them unite the mental, physical and metaphysical.


While this union is at the root of a complex practice, the meaning of each yogi’s experience is personal and unique. Yoga Journal recently published an article entitled Inspiration Flipbook: 21 Yoga Photos To Get You On Your Mat. It features 21 inspiring photographs from famed yoga photographer Robert Sturman and gives us insight into what yoga means to each of the practitioners featured. Now we - Noli Yoga - want to know what yoga means to you. We hope you’ll share your experience in the comments below.


To kick things off, below is how I arrived at my meaning of yoga.


I came to yoga out of pure desperation. I was a first time, stay at home mom who, while madly in love with my baby girl, was at a low point in my life. I was uninspired, lonely and my self-esteem had plummeted. I looked back at my life and was unable to see the value I had brought to this world. I felt I lacked depth. When I tried to search for who I was, apart from “mom”, I couldn’t answer the question. I was afraid. Afraid for my daughter, that I was not good enough.


All I knew about yoga was that there would be a lot of stretching. I was intimidated by the idea of interacting with a bunch of happy, fit people saying “Namaste” to each other. I went. Desperation sometimes has a way of making people do crazy things. I showed up to that first yoga class, and I stayed. Six years later, I am still here – still practicing, still learning, still becoming the best version of myself.


Very quickly, yoga became an essential part of my life. It was where I could confront hardship, self-esteem issues, honesty, compassion, and responsibility. As I practiced more and more, my body grew stronger. So did my mind. I engaged my muscles while working through my asana practice and found myself more engaged off the mat. My relationships blossomed, my focus grew, I sought answers to questions – my entire worldview began to morph. I thought about things differently as I became empowered to change my life and positively impact the lives of those around me. In the process of my yogic revolution, I became a better mother, wife, friend and student.


Sometimes it was hard to roll out my mat, but I did. I learned to be disciplined and realized that the measure of my practice did not exist in the hour and a half practices, or in quiet rooms. The measure of my practice was my continue dedication. Even if it involved a one-year-old crawling all over me while I moved. Or eventually, two children screeching for my attention.


To me, yoga is my compass. It guides me through the obstacles that come my way. I continue to grow and open and discover more love and compassion than I thought possible. Yoga is my companion on a path with lots of rocks and twisted roots. Yoga is a friend that encourages me to choose the path less traveled so that I may experience tremendous growth.


Now it’s your turn - what does yoga mean to you?

December 31, 2015


Happy New Year from Noli!

We'd like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!  May this year be healthy, happy, and full of joy! We are so grateful to everyone who has made Noli's first year such a success and to the amazing relationships we've built with our customers.   Without your support and love we wouldn't be here.   


With the calendar changing to 2016, Noli is changing with it.   We are debuting part of our Spring 2016 Collection with many more exciting pieces coming soon!   A new line of prints, tops, and more are on their way!


Thank you again and have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

October 01, 2015


Fashion Forward Yoga Pants

Being able to match comfort with style isn’t something women have been able to do for very long. Workout gear used to consist of baggy sweats and old tee shirts. It was unheard of to wear these items anywhere but the gym. Additionally, most of us have sacrificed comfort for fashion. Insanely tight jeans, constricting tops, and sky-high heels have left us aching.

Comfort no longer sacrifices fashion. Fashion no longer sacrifices comfort. With the emergence of companies such as Noli Yoga, fashion and comfort become one. Dedication to style and movability drives Noli to create eco-friendly artistic clothing that takes you through your busy life.

The demand for fashion and comfort to co-exist has even created a new term in the fashion world - athleisure. The athleisure movement means “workout” clothes are not just for the gym anymore.

An article in the Huffington Post, claims that according to new data “Athleisure first secured its lead in the market in 2014, when sales of leggings and yoga pants surpassed those of denim, which fell by 6 percent in the U.S.." Women are taking their workout clothes beyond the gym. Workout clothes are being worn to lunch, happy hour, and to work. Women are demanding that the gap between comfort and style be bridged.

Embrace your fashion sense with colorful prints and creative designs without sacrificing comfort.  After all, the rest of the world is.

September 09, 2015

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Warm Up Your Yoga Practice With Color

There is no doubt about it, life is full of transitions. We transition into and out of relationships, careers, arm balances, and backbends. We transition through seasons, moods, and energy levels. Transitions can be tricky to navigate both on and off our yoga mats.  


This fall, you’ll want to surround yourself with red off and on your mat to discover more energy and warmth throughout the autumn transition. To help you reinvigorate your practice, Noli has released their new Red Buddha Leggings. As you move through your asana practice, bring the deep vibrant red of the leggings into your awareness and shift your mood in a more positive direction.  


Color affects mood and energy. Some colors energize, others calm. Some induce happiness, others sadness. In the fall, when energy can begin to wane, we can seek the guidance of colors to energize us. In Chakra healing, an ancient Yogic tradition, it is believed that red can increase both alertness and circulation. It warms and awakens the body and mind. Red stimulates brain wave activity and increases your heart rate. On cooler days, red can evoke feelings of warmth. 


With the transition from summer into fall, the days are growing steadily shorter and, for some of us, that means change. Some go from an active, social summer to a quieter, more sedentary autumn. Others can find it harder and harder to get ourselves to that post-work yoga class and would rather sleep in than roll out our mats before sunrise. While it can be comforting to pull back slightly from the demands of summer light, it is also essential to energize our bodies and spirits through transition. Yoga can be a necessary tool when navigating the obstacles that life throws at us. If you are struggling to show up for your yoga practice, the use of color can help re-focus your energy.