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Runner's High, It's Real, Here's Proof

Runner’s high, is it real? In short, yes, at least according to the President of the American Society for Exercise Physiologists, Jesse Pittsley. According to Pittsley, as a runner you can experien...
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Guilt-Free Dessert Ideas You Won't Believe!

There is nothing like the sense of accomplishment you feel after a challenging yoga session or intense workout in your best yoga outfit. However, even a great workout and an immense desire to be he...
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How to Sport the Athleisure Look Around Town

The athleisure movement is alive and well, with everyone from celebrities to soccer moms headed out in their activewear sets. With millions of Americans still working from home on a daily basis, i...
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Stretches You Can do At Your "Desk"

As of April, a CNBC survey found 42% of survey participants were working from home, perhaps in their best yoga pants for work. To compare, before the COVID-19 pandemic, this number was closer to 9%...
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Best Yoga Poses to Boost Your Core

Did you know having a strong, toned core had another purpose besides ensuring you look great in 2 piece workout outfits? That’s right. A strong core serves as a steady foundation for your body. Acc...
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