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Yoga at Work

​Yoga at Work
With a surge in worksite or corporate wellness wellness initiatives, yoga in the workplace has become a common practice for many corporations - both large and small. Many startup companies are offering their employees - discounted rates at local yoga studios, monthly wellness stipends and even space within the office to practice yoga during breaks throughout the day. 
Some of the benefits of yoga at work are a bit more obvious than others - a nice break from a busy day, a place to break a sweat and blow off some steam, a team bonding activity. 
The list of benefits can also include reduction of back pain, improved employee morale and decreased employee absenteeism by improving the immune system and overall health.
On a work level, yoga practice can help teach individuals to better manage stress, increase productivity, motivation, creativity, mental alertness and job satisfaction.
Pack a pair of yoga leggings in your work bag, grab a coworker and make your next break all about downward dog, tadasana, sun salutations and of course end with a peaceful and relaxing savasana. 
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